Marbetes para Auto en PVC rev

Marbetes para Auto en PVC rev

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3 Responses to Marbetes para Auto en PVC rev

  1. Cesar Jaen M. says:

    Buenas Tardes, me podrías enviar una cotización de los marbetes.
    Requiero un máximo de 50

  2. Jose manuel Hidalgp says:

    Me podria cotizar 150 marbetes para control de estacionamiento, considerando 125 de un color y 25 en otro diferente, y tendria algunos datos diferentes
    y si esto causa diferente costo?
    ademas incluiria impreso en la cara posterior el reglamneto local y un pequeno logo.

    • Gabby says:

      I'm not criticizing Serena, I co#9ln&u3d;t care less what she does. But I'm tired of articles like these that try to sell her as the victim. She clearly made a mistake, that's it, a simple mistake but a mistake non the less.Deal with it and stop trying to tell us that she didn't do anything wrong or that she was robbed or something like that.

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